Scholarship is the Prerequisite of Revolution

Many of us have played the "game" called monopoly without fully understanding and learning the innerworkings of economy and capitalism. To completely comprehend the "game" we must first understand its definition. Monopoly is the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service. The most important phrase being, "exclusive possession and control." The game is played first of all with the distribution of what we label as "fake money."

Money that is completely valueless in and of itself. We cannot take this money outside of the confines of the game and utilize it for any other purpose than its intention. This is no different than the paper we fight, lie, slave, kill and die for/over within this capitalist system. The paper we slave over has no intrinsic value whatsoever. It is paper printed on with a machine that is owned by our global oppressor and enslaver. Understand that the person who owns the machine that prints the so called money, like the individual that controls the bank in the monopoly game, cannot and will not lose. They will not lose because they are in control of the distribution of currency.

In the case of the individuals that own the mint that prints the money, because they own the machines, they in reality have no use for paper currency themselves. They are beyond that. Paper currency is for we the enslaved (consumers) to fight and die over, not the enslaver (producer). In this "game called monopoly, modeled after the amerikkkan economic capitalist system, it is the banksters, namely the Rothschilds that control the issuance of currency.

There are many lessons to be learned from the game, but the most important being that "money" is really valueless unless utilized to purchase land and resources. This is the object of the game. The purpose if the game is to use this colored paper to puchase land, in the form of real estate and businesses. This is the only way, within this system, to build real wealth and power. This cracker realizes this and uses his printed paper to do just that. He uses it to build businesses to ensure wealth for his future generations. He uses it to purchase land as a source for resources. He uses it to purchase political power. He uses it to finance schools to mold the minds of our children to acquiesce their sovereignty and submit to their total rule. We have been taught through the propoganda machine called mass media to not only enslave ourselves to accumulate mass amounts of this printed paper, but to then give it back to our enslaver for trinkets and items that lose value as soon as we leave the store or drive off the lot.

We have been put into a box that if we dont succumb to white supremacy and work for our enemy, in many instances, because we dont teach the true nature of this system and its economy, we are forced into an underground black market economy that leads to prison or death. Both of which our oppressor has figured a way to accumulate and amass a profit.

Family it is imperative that we begin to understand how true power structures are built and maintained. If we dont begin to utilize our Black dollars for liberation and nationalism, we will never know freedom. Controlling production is an essential component of building economic wealth and subsequent power. At some point we all must ask what are we truly working for...are we working to remain enslaved or are we truly working to get free? This question can be answered simply by looking at what and from whom we choose to purchase and what value we place on these "things." Word to the wise, its the "things" that we cannot see, that have the most value and can never be given a pricetag

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