The Resurrection of Black Wall Street

The population of Blacks or African Americans in the United States is 13.2% of the U.S. population-over 41.7 million people. This is a very small number of people compared to the total population of 318 million people. These facts are really sad if you are black and poor due to the fact that the total wealth of all the combined wealthy blacks could easily raise the vast majority of the black population out of poverty. The amount of wealth that has been obtained by the wealthiest black people far exceeds the total combined wealth of the total population of blacks or African Americans in the United States.

What’s even more discouraging is that the black population, has a trillion dollar spending effect on the economy, but remains the poorest citizens living in poverty. With the amount of wealthy black athletes, entertainers, and business moguls in the united states, if they combined their wealth and invested in the black population there wouldn’t be one African American on welfare and the projects and public housing would be empty. Another positive side effect of this black economic unity, crime would decrease and the black prison population would decrease.

Black Wall Street Should Be in the heart of every African American, anyone who identifies themselves as black owes this movement to their ancestors and to future generations to come. The only way for blacks to be seen as equals in America is to achieve financial equality through unity in their own communities.

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